Welcome to a celebration of those cheesy films that are great to watch at the end of a long week, with a group of friends and a few beers. The kind of movies that inhabit the lesser known channels on cable TV, that are found in DVD bargain bins, or that bypassed a cinema release and went straight to video.

Oasis of the ZombiesSome movies still manage to be a lot of fun, despite their meagre budgets. And ridiculous storylines, bad acting, corny dialogue, and not-very-special effects, can sometimes add a lot to their entertainment value.

So you could say I’m rummaging through the b-movie bin to find those forgotten gems. My reviews award each film between 1 and 5 rubber-sharks as an indication of how enjoyable I thought it was.

References to TV schedules in my tweets are aimed at the UK, but this shouldn’t have any effect on the choice of films and my comments about them. Some reviews will contain mild spoilers.

points key

So open the beers, bring out the pizza, and indulge in some movie mischief! And if you have a favourite “bad film” or b-movie, I’d love to hear your recommendations too! You can leave a comment on the ‘Your Suggestions’ page, or contact me on Twitter (@badfilmfriday).