I’ve always had a love of trashy movies and television, whether campy, over-blown, imported soap operas, or films starring men in rubber monster costumes. These days it’s great to find I’m not alone, with increased popularity thanks to the Internet, Twitter, and fun events like the Bad Film Club. In the US  there was The Mystery Science Theatre 3000 of course, which sadly never made it over here to the UK. Though I do remember a 10-part series on Channel 4 (UK) back in 1983 called The Worst of Hollywood, which showed Santa Claus Conquers The Martians, Plan 9 From Outer Space, The Creeping Terror, and others, with introductions and on-screen comments.

I’ve since discovered the treasure chest of guilty pleasures  on satellite/cable TV channels such as SyFy, Horror Channel, Movies4Men and Movies24; online DVD stores such as Amazon and Play.com; everything-for-£1 shops; and the second hand market. As well as some brilliant websites and podcasts.

Hopefully soon I’ll be podcasting myself, too. In the meantime I’ll include some notes and comments on B-movies and “bad films” I’m watching, on this site. I look forward to hearing your feedback.


Doubleagent73  (@doubleagent73 on twitter)

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