Camp Blood (2000)

This contains possible spoilers. A film featuring green people with yellow blood. No not aliens, but really, really bad film colour quality. Apparently this is because it was originally filmed in 3D (another clue being the number of pointy objects that get poked at the camera). The scene is set when a young couple are attacked by a killer in a clown mask after having passionate alfresco sex while both keeping their trousers on.

machete attackFour slasher movie clichés – I mean teens – are  getting ready for a saucy weekend in nylon tents. Including one so intensely irritating I was hoping the clown would get to him at a motorway services on the way there or something.

The place has the nickname “Camp Blood” (just like the camp in Friday 13th), has a legend of a mysterious killer (as in Friday 13th), and they meet a “crazy old man” warning them off (yes, like Crazy Ralph in Friday 13th, but much, much more annoying). The site is in the wilderness miles from any civilisation – if you discount the major road bridge that can clearly be seen, carrying very loud traffic.

Long story short, the youngsters have sex with their pants on, the clown has a machete, and you probably already know what to expect next. Though possibly not how badly it’s done. There is a plot twist about the killer which is completely predictable for anyone who’s seen.. well, I’m sure you can guess which film. Oh, and there is a “WTF?” Wizard-of-Oz bit at the end.

Best bit for me has to be possibly the worst stunt dummy I’ve ever seen, and hilariously, it appears twice!


Camp Blood is available to buy from,, and other online retailers.

Camp Blood/2000/SNJ Productions/Dir: B Sykes/Prod: D Sterling

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  1. Oh dear. I made the mistake of renting this movie a few years ago and it truly is as bad as you say. Avoid like the plague!!!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that another human being had to endure this movie…

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