Dinocroc vs Supergator (2010)

Within 30 seconds we witness a giant Supergator running around eating scientists in labcoats, before swimming away without making any ripples in the water. We see David Carradine as the bad man (he drinks, smokes, and his garden is full of leggy women in bikinis). And the Crocosaurus monster bursts through a wall and eats hilariously fake-looking CGI people. All this before the opening credits have appeared, which lets us know exactly what to expect from this film.

monster chasing scientistsIt’s slightly confusing trying to remember which monster is the Dinocroc and which is the Supergator, even though one looks a bit like an effeminate T-Rex. They lumber around making the camera shake with their heavy pounding footsteps, yet somehow also manage to sneak up on people, and frequently jump out of (shallow) water to eat victims and make us jump.

We’re told the geneticists chose a crocodile and an alligator because amphibians are immune to something or other. But aren’t they reptiles? Presumably “Dinofrog vs Supertoad” wouldn’t have had the same impact.

The main character Paul wears a horrible brown floral shirt that reminds me of my mum’s old kitchen curtains, and is there to investigate David Carradine’s organisation. He bumps into Cassie – a “conservation officer” who wears a police shirt, badge, and very tight hotpants – when her boat breaks down. She readily accepts a lift from this stranger and almost immediately starts flirting with him. Which police probably do all the time.

We meet a kick-ass brunette with an English accent from the Helen-Baxendale-in-Friends school of acting. And a Crocodile Dundee/Indiana Jones style muscly man who wears weightlifting gloves and apparently kills dangerous animals.

The minor characters are a treat! In particular the scene with 2 busty blondes at the waterfall, which suggests ability to run in a bikini may have been the main casting criteria.

monster munches on a victimThe monsters chase cars. They roar (do reptiles roar?). People try to shoot the enormous creatures with little revolvers. The “English” woman over-enunciates to the point of being really distracting. Some terrible spaghetti-western-style music is used a lot, and sounds really out of place. And the climactic monster fight scene is a bit.. um, was that it? The film comes with a ridiculous ending involving an old fridge, sugar dust, and the (rather optimistic) potential for a sequel.

It’s not a lengthy movie, and it moves at a fast pace, never becoming slow or boring. It has a cheap look about it, and I wonder if this is partly intended. Some of the effects are good, some are hilariously not. The same can be said for the acting. The whole thing is peppered with little goofs and inaccuracies, which are great fun. It’s cheesy and campy, and I enjoyed it a lot. Definitely one for a Friday night with beers and mates.


Dinocroc vs Supergator is available to purchase from amazon.co.uk, amazon.com, play.com and other retailers.

Dinocroc vs Supergator/SyFy/Dir: R Robertson/Prod: B Kephart

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