Dinoshark (2010)

A prehistoric shark escapes from an iceberg and travels south, where it starts eating good-looking people.

Dinoshark's fin passes a swimmerThe central character knows the killer is not a normal shark. but people won’t believe him, especially the police. The climax of the film involves an event with lots of people in the water, screaming and getting attacked. Sounds familiar..?

Roger Corman himself has a small role as a shark expert or something like that. I don’t think he’ll be in line for an Oscar.

The CGI work is not good. The shark’s fin doesn’t cause any ripples as it cuts through the water surface. The scale of the creature changes dramatically. A fake-looking shark puppet head is used for close ups of attacks. Mexican singers sing loudly without opening their mouths. Some of the acting is embarrassing to watch. The dialogue is unintentionally funny at times.

Despite all the things wrong with it, it’s never boring, and is certainly entertaining, even if for the wrong reasons. I’d happily watch it again.


Dinoshark is often shown on SyFy TV channel in the UK, and is also available to buy online from amazon.co.uk, play.com and other sites.

Dinoshark/2010/SyFy/Dir: K O’Neill/Prod: J Corman, R Corman

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  1. Maybe you should switch out your usual shark ratings for dino sharks this time around.

  2. Nice


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