Dying God (2008)

Sean Fallon is a corrupt cop. We know he’s bad because he drinks a lot, smokes a lot, doesn’t pay for pizza, and shoots minor villains’ collectable china dolls. He’s also irrisistable to women, despite not changing his clothes for days. Hookers can’t help giving him freebies, and even the female ‘expert’ later in the film is all but throwing herself at him.

The green alien attacks David Carradine

But there’s a serial killer raping and killing prostitutes, and who could it be? Well, long story short, it’s an incredibly well-endowed slimy monster that looks a bit like a man in a green rubber suit. Fallon and a group of stereotype pimps decide to hunt the killer together. Lance Henriksen plays one of these bad guys, but despite getting main billing, most of the time he does little more than scoot around in a motorised wheelchair swearing a lot. But at least he makes it to the final scenes and opens his legs to give the monster a *real* surprise…

There is some gore, which isn’t bad. But the sleazy mode of killing is the most disturbing part of the movie. Despite the unpleasant plot device of being “raped to death”, there are many bits of dialogue, acting, special effects, storyline and of course the creature itself, that are unintentionally laugh-out-loud funny.


Dying God is sometimes shown on UK television, particularly the Horror Channel. It can also be purchased from amazon.co.uk, amazon.com and other retailers.

Dying God/2008/Metaluna Productions/Dir: F Lambot/Prod: J-P Putters

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