Firetrap (2001)

Dean Cain plays Max, who has just been released from prison. (Bet he was a popular boy in there.) He’s a master thief who uses credibility-stretching Mission Impossible-type techniques, while communicating with an annoying friend in a van who never stops talking. The pair are offered money to steal a microchip from a company half way up a skyscraper, which is having dramas of its own. Someone is selling the company’s confidential information, and the boss’s wife has given him divorce papers – in front of the whole company (about 10 people). And while Max is breaking into the building, someone we don’t see has started a fire.

explosion special effectThe film goes in a Towering Inferno direction, with some very unconvincing special effects, and the trapped employees mistake Max for a cop. Then the fire gets forgotten for a while as it all turns into a whodunnit. There’s also a fight scene, but because it’s Dean Cain – all sweaty and toned in a white teeshirt, rolling around with another man – there’s something strangely homoerotic about it. Or maybe that’s just me. When Max’s real identity is revealed, will they trust him to save them, and let him become the hero of the film?

The film is entertaining, but frustrating too, and I ended up shouting at the television quite a few times. But I did also have fun with it!


Firetrap is sometimes shown on UK television, for example on Movies24, and is also available to purchase from,, and other retailers.

Firetrap/2001/City Heat Productions/Dir: H Done/Prod: JJ Kelly, V Ravine

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