Horrorvision (2001)

When people click on a mysterious link to horrorvision.com they get flashes of BDSM-like photos on their screen, then they disappear into a blue electric squiggle. We have a cyberpunk main character (we know this because he has it tattooed on his back in big letters) and his goth girlfriend, who both seem to like wearing black PVC a lot.

disappearing into a blue squiggleMonsters include robotic centipede/woodlice puppets, who pop up out of Palm Pilot screens (!), roll around as a ball, then attack people (or rather, people clutch them to their body and scream). There’s also a veiny bloke with a booming voice whose head has cables connected to it. And the final monster looks amusingly like a man in a fancy dress costume.

The film isn’t much longer than an hour, yet still manages to be over-long and boring. There are 3 scenes of car driving, where dull music plays and the camera shows the passing scenery for a long time. The imagery may well be making a point, but blimey, it’s tedious. Some parts of the movie felt confusing, but that may be because my concentration kept wandering.

final monsterThere are a couple of interesting cameos. Scream queen Linnea Quigley pops up in the flashing photos. ‘Dark Del’ in the horror bookshop really is known as Dark Del and actually does own a horror bookshop. And one of the character’s cat gets its own listing in the credits.

Moments in the film are amusing, and the monsters are fun. But the rest of it is so slow it’s an effort to sit through the whole thing. Not one I’d want to watch again, or recommend for an entertaining night in.


Horrorvision can be purchased from amazon.co.uk, amazon.com, play.com and other retailers.

Horrorvision/2001/Full Moon Pictures/Tempe Entertainment/Dir: D Draven/Prod: JR Bookwalter

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