Lightning Strikes (2009)

In this film, lightning targets people and even chases them. It can also slice a car perfectly down the middle from front to back. A professor and couple of students in a bigger-on-the-inside science van, are trying to catch the storm. And so is a mysterious man played by an actor I’m sure I recognise from the Dick Emery Show.

Father & son at the Pumpkin Fest

Hercules (or the actor known for playing him) is the sheriff of  a “town”, i.e. a few buildings around a crossroads that looks remarkably like an indoor film set. He’s under pressure from the annoying mayor who doesn’t want any of this deadly-electrical-storm-warning nonsense to put off a major company bringing business to the town. Or for it to interfere with the town’s annual Pumpkin Festival. Not that we’ve seen this storyline a dozen or so times in other films.

It’s hard to see why cancelling the Pumpkin Festival – “the biggest event of the year” – would even be noticed. It turns out to be 20 or so people wandering around a table of pumpkins, a few flags, and a DJ playing royalty-free music. The mysterious bloke has built a weird metal contraption on a rooftop. The sheriff tries to evacuate the festival. The mayor tells people it’s safe to stay. And then suddenly..  Well I won’t say what happens, just in case it’s a complete shock to anyone, and I wouldn’t want to spoil it.

When I started watching this I was expecting a disaster movie about bad storms. So I had quite a surprise. There are many things wrong with it, least of all the daft storyline. But it’s entertaining because of the ridiculousness, several WTF! moments, and lots of unintentional amusement.


Lightning Strikes is sometimes shown on UK television, particularly on Movies24 and SyFy, and is also available to buy online from and other sites.

Lightning Strikes/2009/WST Productions/Dir: G Jones/Prod: J Beach, J Cappilla, PJ Roth

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