Naked Fist (1981)

A low budget exploitation kick-flick. Suzy is a blonde martial arts trainer looking for her missing sister, but does seem to forget this except at the very beginning and end of the film. She tells people she’s there to learn a specific martial art (“the thing with the sticks”). We know she’s a tough woman because, less than 3 minutes in, we see her fighting 2 men while wearing lingerie. The male love interest has big blonde hair, mirror sunglasses, a moustache, tight jeans and a shirt wide open at the front to reveal a muscular chest. Basically he could have stepped out of a 70s gay porn movie.

running in underwearThere are many unintentionally funny moments, but 2 stand out scenes. In the first she is chased by 2 villains, and not only runs in her high heels, but scales ladders and fights in them too. But as the chase and fight progress, her clothing gets ripped off bit by bit, until she’s fighting in nothing but tiny panties! To top it off, the topless fight sequence takes place directly in front of a large box labelled “Rack Master”.

The second stand out is the main sex scene. In his trendy bachelor pad, the gay-pornstar-looking boyfriend lowers her onto his floral print bedspread. He removes her clothing by cutting it off her body with a sharp knife, then she removes his trousers by slicing from bellbottoms-to-beltline with a big penknife. And then smacks him in the face before sitting back and smiling seductively. The whole love scene is bizarre and un-erotic. And while his very hairy legs entwine with hers and they start writhing, she sighs, “I can feel the blood pulse inside your head”. Er, right.

macho love interestThe whole film looks cheaply made, the sound is not great, and it’s badly edited, sometimes jumping forward in time with a single cut. Every punch or kick is badly synched with a “bang!” or “whoosh!” sound, even if it doesn’t make physical contact with anything, and which becomes annoying very quickly. The music is amusingly bad and sometimes inappropriate (including elecronic tunes, a flute solo, and even a trumpet solo). Despite being filmed in 1981, it has the heavy Brut-33 smell of the 70s, with the costumes, the room decor, and even the dialogue. (Chuck: “What can I build you?”  Suzy: “A screwdriver.” Took me a few seconds to realise they were talking about drinks and not flat-pack furniture.)

The end is particularly surprising, as it’s so sudden. It just happens, then immediately cuts to credits, and you’re left thinking, “what..?!”.

If you can get past the low budget production values, and the exploitation element, it can be a very funny film, and I laughed a lot throughout it.


Naked Fist is sometimes shown on UK television, particularly on Movies4Men/Movies4Men2, and is also available to purchase from, and other retailers.

Firecracker (AKA Naked Fist)/1981/New World Pictures/Dir: CH Santiago/Prod: S Kechik, EC Rojas

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  1. Great review written in A/ Englsih (REAL) B/ Great spelling, gramar and punctuation and C/ NO PROFANITIES! Congratulations for all your well writted reviews. l am thoroughly enjoying reading them, even if the movies are not worth a follow up. 5 Stars!

  2. RE the ending of the film:

    in the UK, the film is heavily edited at the end (to the point of not making any sense at all), which is why it just happens and then credits appear. What you don’t see (SPOILER ALERT!) is the shot where she defeats her enemy by knocking him down and sticking her fighting sticks in both of his eyes, killing him with much blood spurting and a really shocked expression on the (obviously) fake head, indicating it never read the script and was therefor unprepared for what happens to it. She then simply wanders off and presumably never has to explain herself to any authorities whatsoever. The whole end sequence in the original is a bit longer than the UK version, because British censors feel it is BAD to show folks hitting and poking each other with sticks. I saw this on some random German channel many years ago when Sky TV was still an analogue system, and you could watch European channels as well as British ones. Since they don’t seem too bothered about censorship, the full film was shown unedited. OK, it was in German, which I don’t speak, but once you’ve seen this movie with the English soundtrack, you realise that was probably a blessing! That said, there is much mirth to be gained from the original dialogue (yes, it really is so bad it’s funny).

    • Brilliant! Thanks for the extra information. I didn’t know about this missing ending, but wish I could see it now! It certainly could explain the sudden end in the UK version I’ve seen.


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