Swamp Shark (2011)

When an exotic animal smuggling deal goes wrong, a deadly deepwater shark is released into the swamp. The nice lady at the local gator-themed restaunt spots the shark’s fin, but has a hard time convincing anyone, least of all the corrupt sheriff. So she and her surprisingly younger arse of a boyfriend, some mysterious undercover agent bloke, and an Asian guy with encyclopedic knowledge of everything, jump in a boat and go hunting for the beast. Meanwhile her pretty younger sister gets herself in peril, and the town’s annual Gator Fest opens.

toothy shark dummyThe sheriff, in his standard-issue evil-baddie sunglasses, doesn’t want the annual festival to be cancelled, as it brings in so much money. Which is surprising as we only see a handful of people wandering around the stalls. If you were expecting the usual shark movie ‘carnage-at-crowded-water-themed-event’, you might be sadly disappointed at the 4 children in the water, who get out unscathed by the way.

For a deepwater animal, the shark seems remarkably adept at jumping out of the water and onto dry land to eat victims some distance away. It also leaps right over one victim, biting off their head as it passes – a burst of CGI that had me roaring with laughter. A rubbery dummy shark head appears a few times and had a similar reaction from me.

boob-free topless photoOther notable scenes include a horny couple who row off in a small boat away from their friends. “Is this private enough for you?” the young man asks, as they sit in the middle of the expanse of water in full view of pretty much everybody. She takes off her top – carefully managing to avoid shocking us viewers with any glimpse of nipple – and he takes “topless” pictures of her, somehow failing to include her breasts in any of the photos.

The film is easy to watch and never becomes boring, but there’s not much that’s new or original here, other than the far-fetched climax. There’s a bit more gore than you’d expect from a TV movie, and the acting isn’t too bad. As a fun ‘bad film’ the plot is quite silly, several of the special effects made me laugh, and there were enough creature feature cliches to keep me entertained. It isn’t as unintentionally funny as, say,  Shark Attack 3, Raging Sharks or Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. It was.. ok.


Swamp Shark is often shown on UK television, particularly on SyFy, and can be purchased from amazon.co.uk and other retailers.

Swamp Shark/2011/Bullet Films/Dir: G Furst/Prod: KM Badish, D Lewis

2 Responses “Swamp Shark (2011)” →
  1. Swamp Shark was good times. I kept in on my dvr just to continually show people that scene where the pervy deputy guy gets his bitten off by the shark.

  2. Why the great majority of stupid horror action movies contain some kind of mutated shark?? :)


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