The Brain (1988)

Rather than continue watching some doctor bloke on TV, a teenage girl goes up to her room and her semi-naked male torso posters. Suddenly her teddy bear starts crying tears of blood, monster hands burst through the TV screen, the walls starts closing in like a car crusher, she stabs her mother to death, and then a disembodied brain with a tentacle-like spinal cord throws her out of the window. And all in the first few minutes of the movie.

the brain attacks!Jim is a ‘rebel’ at school. He wears a leather jacket, and has a girlfriend who “won’t” until college but does his homework for him. And he likes to play practical jokes by putting ‘sodium’ in toilets to make the water explode – or something like that. He’s not really a bad kid, just a misunderstood one with a super high IQ. Of course.

However, the school threatens to prevent Jim graduating unless he goes to see the TV doctor at the Psychological Research Institute. “Doctor Blake wouldn’t be on TV if he wasn’t any good,” adds his mum, helpfully.

At the research institute he also meets the obligatory ‘mad’ patient saying Dr Blake is an alien, a fat male nurse with an enormous walrus moustache you could sieve soup through, and a hot, blonde employee, whose clothes levitate off when Jim is connected to electrodes.

the brain has grown hugeThere are many wonderful scenes with The Brain attacking people with its spinal cord, consuming victims, and growing in size until it becomes a huge, growling thing with rubbery-looking teeth, that appears to be moving around on casters. Jim’s girlfriend and a male friend with the girliest hair I’ve ever seen –  even for the 80s – get in on the act too, making full use of a 3 foot high door on the outside of the building clearly marked BOILER ROOM in big letters.

Will the TV doctor brainwash the world? What does the institute want with all those troubled teens? Were they having a laugh when they made the fat nurse do all the running up and down all those stairs?

There is so much more to say about this film, it was a lot of fun. Big, cheesy, CGI-free, 80s fun! With a giant evil brain, space aliens, gratuitous boobies, unintentionally funny special effects, and an entertaining story. I enjoyed this a lot, and would recommend hunting down a copy for a fun night in!


The Brain is available to purchase from,, and other retailers. 

The Brain/1988/Brightstar Films/Dir: E Hunt/Prod: A Kramreither

3 Responses “The Brain (1988)” →

  1. LeggyPeggy

    September 25, 2011

    A bit of trivia. The ‘futuristic’ location for the institute is the impressive Xerox Research Center in Canada.


  2. LeggyPeggy

    September 25, 2011

    I also love the lead character’s clever, impenetrable disguise – a pair of dark sunglasses. Never fails.

  3. … … …

    you know, I’ve been starring at that shot you had with a lady attacked by a giant brain. hat fun, eh?


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