The Corpse Grinders (1971)

A struggling cat food company decides to save money by using human meat, paying a beardy man and his wife (who sounds like a dickensian wench and talks to a grubby doll as if it’s a child – “eat your soup my pretty baby”) to dig up bodies from the local graveyard. Unfortunately the cats soon get a taste for this meat, and start to attack their (mostly scantily-clad female) owners. Or rather, the owners appear to get startled-looking moggies thrown at them, or scream while clutching a cat to their neck. Surprisingly, the cats don’t seem interested in eating their victims afterwards.

mugged by a moggieAt the factory, there is a big old mincer in the back. (No I don’t mean the villain’s henchman.) The perfectly preserved bodies, with “pork flavoured fluid to replace the formaldehyde”, are fed through this machine whole, still wearing their nylon underwear. So it’s surprising the cats eating the food aren’t seen spitting out bits of bone, 70s big hair, or pulverised knicker elastic. We meet the factory owner’s wife (?) who is a wild-haired, one-legged, Deaf woman, who hops around on a wooden crutch, and uses a strangely unconvincing sign language.

Soon the factory move on to ‘collecting’ living people, such as winos (presumably they’d need less preserving fluid). Meanwhile the local doctor and his girlfriend nurse (who appears to have a different gigantic hairpiece every scene) are suspicious of the cat food, and decide to investigate it themselves. After a shocking discovery (that disembodied arm that flopped and bounced around as if made of foam rubber, I expect) the nurse ends up on the conveyor belt about to be fed into the corpse grinder.

factory owner and his wifeWill she become cat food before her enormous hair clogs up the machine? Will the evil factory owner come to justice? Will I be able to stop laughing every time the villain’s wife hops around on a crutch in that comedy manner?

The film looks cheaply made, and has many unintentionally funny moments as a result. It also has a sleazy feel to it, particularly with the creepy, odd characters. There’s very little gore or nudity, which is surprising. In a way it reminded me of a cheaper, exploitation version of Carry On Screaming without the jokes. Nevertheless I enjoyed it, as it intrigued me, but also made me laugh quite a bit.


The Corpse Grinders can be purchased online from,, and other retailers.

The Corpse Grinders/1971/CG Productions/Dir: TV Mikels/Prod: TV Mikels

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  1. Fraggle

    June 4, 2011

    Factory owners assistant was more than creepy. Moaning about the waste of the pretty bodies. Not often necrophilia gets used for character development in a movie!


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