The Day The Earth Stopped (2008)

The Earth is being invaded. Huge ‘megalith’ robots start landing next to easily-recognised world landmarks, causing surprisingly little reaction from the non-panicking, non-screaming general public.

hot alien chickMeanwhile military types are prowling around dark woods looking for a naked man. (I know people who’ve had the same experience.) If the filmmakers had put as much effort into other technical parts of the movie as they did trying to avoid giving us a flash of willy, this might have been up for an Oscar. The mysterious man is one of two aliens, and the second – a hot naked chick with big hair and pornstar make-up – is picked up by Josh Myron (C Thomas Howell) in his army jeep.

The woman’s name translates as “Sky” (I’m guessing her parents watched a lot of satellite TV.) “Your weaponry is too advanced. You have endangered your own planet,” she informs them, before adding the Earth will be destroyed unless someone can “show me there is value in human life”.

Josh ponders this problem while busy saving her from danger, rescuing a heavily pregnant woman, holding a newborn baby, and getting misty-eyed at people’s love and emotional strength in a church. But if only there were some way to show the good side of humanity..

Sky has a lightbulb momentI really enjoyed this film, for all the wrong reasons. Yes the plot is predictable and the ‘message’ is corny, but there’s still lots to enjoy. Sky comes out with amusingly profound nonsense (“You can not reach your destination without a journey.”) Judd Nelson gets top billing, but turns up three quarters of the way through the film for a five minute appearance.  Mystical alien powers are indicated by a constipated expression and a bright lightbulb being shone down onto the person’s head. And some of the music reminds me of a relaxation CD (at times I was calmly lounged in my seat, rather than on the edge of it).

But if you lose interest in any of this, you could always have fun counting how many reflective surfaces you can spot the film crew 1n.

There are two stand-out funny scenes for me. In one, Josh and Sky are car-jacked by a man with a gun shouting, “There’s aliens all over the city and you guys are the only people with a working car!” I presume he’s shouting because of the loud drone of freeway traffic in the background. And as they stand there, we clearly see another car driving past behind them.

In the second scene, a woman gives birth in the back of a car during a chase sequence. Though to be fair, it’s possibly the least exciting chase sequence I’ve ever seen. She produces a completely clean, dry, umbilical cord-free baby. It already looks several months old to me, so it’s no wonder the birth was hard work.

Despite all the shortcomings, I loved the film. It’s not easy to take it seriously, but I was entertained, amused, and I enjoyed it.


The Day The Earth Stopped (2008) is available to purchase from,, and other retailers. It is sometimes shown on TV in the UK (particularly on SyFy and Movies24).

The Day The Earth Stopped/2008/Faith Films/The Asylum/Dir: CT Howell/Prod: DM Latt

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  1. Nice review. I wonder how it stands up against the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still…


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