The Gingerdead Man (2005)

The opening sequence has Gary Busey as a dangerous villain holding up a diner. Sarah, the sole survivor, testifies against him, resulting in his death sentence, while she has to take over her family’s struggling bakery. After we hear of his death (and cremation), a mysterious cloaked figure who looks like the Scottish Widows woman drops off a large box of “Grandma’s Gingerbread Seasoning” at the bakery. While mixing a batch of gingerbread dough, a few drops of blood get in the mix, and when the resulting gingerbread man is baked, it turns into a living, wise-cracking biscuit with violent tendencies.

shelves full of bakery goodsDespite the bakery struggling, its shelves are stacked with a huge variety of fresh bread and cakes. And after mixing enough gingerbread dough to cover a table top, Sarah uses it to make only one gingerbread man, which she bakes on its own in a room-sized industrial oven. Maybe they wouldn’t be struggling so much if they looked at their wastage..? Just a suggestion.

Sarah’s mum turns up outside the bakery nursing a bottle of Jim Beam and a shotgun, taking pot shots at the new rival chain store opposite. And the rival’s spoiled daughter (“miss per-dy-face of Waco”) is helpfully releasing a rat into the kitchen to help get it shut down, perhaps not realising that black and white fur tends to suggest a pet rather than wild vermin.

Gingerdead Man laughingWhile the Gingerdead Man – looking very much an amusing foam rubber puppet – runs around being nasty, the potential victims get inappropriately flirty with each other, use torches in well-lit rooms, walk into hot ovens without being singed, or get decorated with cake frosting and cute glace cherry nipples!

The film is just over an hour long, and if nothing else deserves bonus points for the hilarious originality of the villain! You may never look at the gingerbread boy in Shrek in the same way again. Gary Busey appears to have fun as the voice of the killer cookie, and there are several laugh-out-loud moments of improbablity, which I enjoyed. However, there are surprisingly few killings (only two I think), and the pace is very, very slow, which lets the film down and makes the hour or so feel so much longer.  A compilation of highlights would get top marks from me, but when watched as a complete movie it’s surprisingly disappointing.


The Gingerdead Man is sometimes shown on UK television, for example on The Horror Channel. It can also be purchased from,, and other retailers.

The Gingerdead Man/2005/Shoot Productions/Full Moon Entertainment/Talos Entertainment/Dir: C Band/Prod: C Band, J Rothe-Kushel

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