Zombie Apocalypse (2010)

Students Tom and Mark decide to “get hammered” in a bar, but their plans go awry when a hoard or rampaging zombies in not-very-good makeup arrive. Goth-bird Raven walks out on her video store job, taking her camera and her passion to photograph everything. Soon these people end up together with a man called Miller (and a few insignificant others who get munched by zombies along the way) in an abandoned house where they try to stay alive, stay sane, and remember to act scared at the relatively unscary undead.

mysterious panel of 3

Moody miller is enigmatic and brooding, and comes with some kind of mystery surrounding his wife. He strides around in a long Matrix-type coat, speaks with an odd voice, and likes to do pirouettes during one-to-one combat. He’s being hunted by a weedy-looking bloke from his past, who we witness standing before a panel of three dark figures, which I was disappointed to find wasn’t a post-apocalyptic version of The X-Factor. And if any of the back story is unclear, the DVD comes with a free comic book to helpfully fill you in.

Raven’s weapon of choice is a big chainsaw. Probably not the most sensible choice – they’re a bugger to start, you can’t react quickly to an attack, or sneak up on someone with it, and it’s not exactly easy to swing around (unless you’re Leatherface of course). With all the violence and bloodshed (mostly just out of view) Tom has to change out of the medical scrubs he was wearing in the bar, into a horrendous lime green frilly-front shirt that’s by far the most disturbing thing in this movie. And when the group are captured by army-types in the woods, the leader just happens to be the bloke who’s been shagging Mark’s ex-girlfriend. Well what are the chances?

Will the survivors sort out their differences and work together to defeat the zombie menace? Will we find out what Miller’s wife has to do with it all? Will the fluorescent green ruffles burn indelible images on your retinas?

keeping an eye on his attacker

Clearly there was a very low budget, and it did remind me of a student project. The zombie make up is, um, basic. And there is surprisingly little gore on show. Ok, there’s the odd rubber limb thrown in (literally), a teeshirt with some entrails stapled to the front, and a gouged eye that looks a bit like a poached egg in ketchup. The sound effects person may have been a tad over-enthusiastic in places, and the fight choreography could have been more convincing without those fancy spins and twirls.

Having said all that, the acting for the main characters isn’t bad, and the pace is never slow or boring. I did get the feeling the cast and crew had a lot of fun working on this movie. It feels like a group of friends have put it together with no budget but bags of enthusiasm, doubling up in acting and technical roles, and roping in all their mates to be extras. And the comic book idea was an unusual bit of fun.

It does have problems, but for me its shortcomings were entertainingly funny and added to the charm. For a zombie movie, it’s much less scary and gory than you’d expect. But to be fair, the DVD cover does give the false impression of a much bigger budget. While I wouldn’t recommend anyone go out of their way to buy a copy, if you’re expectations aren’t too ‘hollywood’, it’s an ok watch for a rainy day.


Zombie Apocalypse (2010) is available to purchase from amazon.co.uk, amazon.com, play.com and other retailers.

Zombie Apocalypse/2010/Phantasmal Pictures/Dir: R Thompson/Prod: R Thompson, K James

2 Responses “Zombie Apocalypse (2010)” →

  1. Aaron Babcock

    September 8, 2011

    I would watch a post-apocalyptic version of The X-Factor! Great review!


  2. akismet-8e95e3ca0d860ce8f563014bbdc67985

    April 30, 2015

    The ripped out eyeball is actually a cows eye. I was there, I promise ;)

    Great review guys! Best I’ve ever seen I think. Thanks!


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